About Me

Graphic design gives me a chance to put a piece of myself out there, to make an impact with something that comes from inside me, my ideas. Design is a challenge for me. I love getting a project and working through how I am going to solve the problem. Watching elements interact to create simple, effective communication brings me joy.  I find inspiration in many places, especially 1950’s and 1960’s advertising, beautiful cars, and simple solutions to complex problems.  I feel the style of my work reflects my inspirations and focuses on pared down graphic elements with a limited palette of bright colors. Not only is simplicity more beautiful in my opinion, but I believe it is also more effective at communicating the message.

If you like what you see and think I’d be a good fit for your design needs, please contact me at cody.roemhildt@gmail.com or give me call at 507-327-9471.